HiPP HA COMBIOTIK formula helps reduce the risk of allergy to milk protein by providing low-allergen protein, following the example of breastfed infants.

Hipp Bio Combiotic Pre
0-3 months
Hipp Bio Combiotik Stage 1
0-6 months
HIPP Bio Combiotik Stage 2
6-10 months
HIPP Bio Combiotik Stage 3
10-12 months
HIPP Combiotic 1+
from 1 years up
HIPP Combiotic Stage 2 no starch
6-10 months

Hipp HA Combiotik Formula in a Nutshell

HiPP HA COMBIOTIK formula is available for all age groups, because children’s needs change over time. You can continue to offer a pre-initial milk as long as your child wants it and is satisfied with it. Switching to another food is possible – but not a must. You can feed any infant milk, be it an initial formula (Pre and 1) or follow-on formula (2 or 3), until the end of bottle age.

Hypoallergenic (HA) milk can help reduce the risk of allergies. Anyone who is pregnant and suffers from allergies is sure to give a lot of thought to whether there is a way to spare the baby the allergies. Breastfeeding lowers the risk. In fact, international studies prove that. But not every mother can or wants to give her newborn the breast. That’s okay. In that case, formula food can also prevent it: so-called HA milk. This is what the manufacturers promise, and the allergological societies also recommend the special milk in the “Allergy Prevention Guideline”. However, this is only the case if a baby is not breastfed and at least one parent is allergic.