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0-3 Months
Holle Bio Stage 3
10-12 months
Holle Bio Infant Goat Milk Powder Stage 1
0-6 months
Holle Bio Goat Milk Powder Stage 2
6-10 months
Holle Bio Goat Milk Powder Stage 3
10-12 months

HOLLE Formula

Holle Organic Baby Foods are made from certified organic ingredients and strictly tested for harmful substances. Holle baby products are easy to digest and simple to prepare. But in the first place, they provide your child with everything it needs.

Holle Baby Food Logo

Certified Quality

The traditional company Holle has been a manufacturer of organic baby food products since 1933. Since the beginning, organic baby food has been uncompromisingly free of chemical processing and preservatives. With its headquarters in the German-Swiss border region, the company has now been successfully exporting and distributing its baby food range in Switzerland and in European specialized trade for over 35 years.

To ensure the best possible quality standards and supervision, the production of infant milk formula takes place in Germany. The production facilities meet the latest technological requirements and are ISO certified. The cereals processed for the preparation of bottle and porridge meals come mainly from German organic farms from biodynamic agriculture (Demeter) and ripen on fertile soils. Only a few ingredients come from other countries. These include rice from Italy as well as millet from Hungary.

Holle Organic Baby Foods from controlled organic cultivation

Holle Organic Baby Foods stand for high-quality from controlled organic cultivation. The name Holle Baby Food stands for high-quality and gentle organic baby food from controlled organic cultivation. The focus is on quality, not quantity. Respecting the dignity of land and soil, the focus is on the well-being of natural diversity as well as on species-appropriate animal husbandry. Holle products are also free of animal hormones, growth regulators and artificial fertilizers.

Whenever possible, Holle uses Demeter raw materials in the production of Holle Organic Baby Foods. Demeter, in reference to the mythological background, stands for biodynamic products according to anthroposophical methods.

The guiding principle of biodynamic agriculture is the careful and conscious use of natural resources. The animals live species-appropriate in open-air husbandry. They feed mainly on fields and meadows. Their manure makes a good organic fertilizer. Natural land management is costly and time-consuming, but produces first-class products. The sustainable and gentle cultivation of the soil also ensures a full-bodied taste of the cultivated products.

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The Holle formula for a healthy climate

Many years ago, Holle already started to convert the Holle formulas to be climate neutral. Now they have gone one step further: Holle offers all milk formula completely climate-positive. Since its beginnings, the company has worked biodynamically – the most climate-friendly form of agriculture.

The customers you feed with a Holle formula are the smallest ones. The company therefore feels it has a responsibility to keep an eye on the future of the planet. Climate protection is one of the most urgent tasks in this regard. The choice of biodynamically grown raw materials is a contribution to this. Other manufacturers have only been doing this for a few years. Holle has been doing it since 1934: “Sustainable from the very beginning”.

Holle’s contributions to climate protection

In addition to reducing and avoiding greenhouse gases, regional (Germany) and international mitigation projects are an important pillar of climate protection. Holle supports various partners in different places.

Project: Forest conservation in Zimbabwe

At Gut Döllnitz in Halle and Frankenhof in Heilsbronn (both located in Germany), Holle is reducing greenhouse gases while supporting the build-up of valuable humus.

By participating in a pilot project together with Soil & More Impacts with two farms, Gut Döllnitz in Halle and Frankenhof in Heilsbronn, Holle was able to reduce its CO2 emissions. On these organic farms, they have since been achieving constant humus growth and reducing their carbon footprint.

In a Soil & More Impacts campaign, six farms in Germany were to ensure that annual organic regional fairs could be held in a purely carbon neutral manner. This was successful. Through this project, Holle was able to reduce CO2 emissions and thus offset some of its emissions on domestic soils.

Project: Black Forest Goats

To preserve farming structures in the Black Forest, the company supports farmers in switching to Demeter goat’s milk for the production of the Holle formula.

The Black Forest Goat Milk Offensive aims to economically secure small-scale farm structures in the Black Forest and livelihoods, and to preserve the tradition in the continuation of farms in the region in the long term.

They offer farmers long-term contracts and a milk purchase guarantee at an economically fair and future-proof price for their goat’s milk.

In the Black Forest region, keeping Demeter dairy goats is more profitable than running a cow’s milk farm. In addition, demand for the Holle formula with goat’s milk is growing in Germany and is desired by more and more parents as a sensible alternative to cow’s milk.

Project: Biodiversity

More Demeter, more biodiversity: this simple summary describes the contribution of biodynamic agriculture to species conservation. That’s why the company relies on raw materials of unique Demeter quality in the production of every single Holle formula and promotes organic farming across the board.

Almost every Holle formula already bears the Demeter seal. Their production takes place in harmony with nature and ensures that biodynamic cultivation gives back more than it takes away.

Climate factor Demeter

Holle is a Demeter pioneer in the production of baby food. Almost every Holle formula bears the Demeter seal. For more than 100 years, Demeter agriculture has practiced biodynamic management in closed cycles in which one step sensibly meshes with the other. This is exactly what is being celebrated today as a sustainable trend.

Biomass enters a biodynamically cultivated soil, which promotes the build-up of humus. A thick layer of humus keeps the soil healthier. Nutrients and water can be better stored. Above all, this soil is able to bind greenhouse gases in the long term – an important factor for the climate.

Nevertheless, the production of each Holle formula generates greenhouse gases, which the company offsets in regional projects as well as international reduction projects. These figures are calculated by the climate experts at Soil & More Impacts.

From the climate-positive Holle formula to whole goat’s milk powder for the whole family – all these products are consistently organic, and most are even Demeter. So the little ones grow up healthy – with the best from nature.

Project: Forest conservation in Zimbabwe

Approximately 785,000 hectares of forest, the animals living in it and much enjoy the benefits of this project. In addition, the forest area offsets more than 3.5 million tons of CO2 annually by preventing deforestation and land degradation in the area.

The Kariba Forest Conservation Project is a program to save the forest, protect wildlife, and positively change the lives of local communities. It meets ten of seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals and is certified with both the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and the CCB Standard (Gold Level).

As a company, Holle calculates its greenhouse gases and offsets a portion of them through CO2 certificates – such as with the Zimbabwe project. Since 2011, the project has offset an annual average of over 3.5 million tons of CO2 in the process. It also offers the local population additional sources of income and sustainably improves living conditions in the region.

Holle sees CO2 offsetting as an additional measure to manage the company in the most climate-friendly way possible. Its involvement in regional (Germany) and international CO2 reduction projects are part of its sustainability offensive.

Project: Sustainable logistics for every Holle formula

Together with its partner, Holle takes responsibility when it comes to logistics.

The holistic and exemplary awareness of ecology and the environment of Holle’s logistics partner Naturata Logistik eG matches that of the company. This helps form the basis for a sustainable supply chain for every single Holle formula – from production to the store to the customer.

Naturata Logistik eG pays attention to ecology and environmentally friendly technologies. Such as its own photovoltaic system for electricity generation or the protection of biodiversity within the framework of an exemplary biodiversity project. Certification according to the EMAS standard reflects this commitment.

Storage and transport have a major impact on emissions in the value chain of a product. It is therefore important to pursue sustainable solutions in this area as well and to cut unnecessary emissions.

The following measures keep the standard high:

  • Natural circular farming without exploitation of animals, soil or the environment
  • Quality instead of quantity
  • Species-appropriate animal husbandry
  • Renunciation of animal hormones and growth regulators
  • Natural compost instead of artificial fertilizers
  • Renunciation of all chemical plants and insecticides


Due to the renunciation of, for example, herbicides and synthetic chemical pesticides, on average one third more species are found on land managed according to Demeter standards than on conventional land. Demeter farms also set the tone in animal husbandry and breeding. The preservation and breeding of old livestock breeds is a practice on many of these farms. Species and their diversity are also preserved and protected in the long term.

Holle Goat Milk Formula

Holle Goat Milk Formula, as the name suggests, is made from goat milk. Holle was one of the first companies in Germany and worldwide to develop a goat milk formula for babies and toddlers.

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Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 1

Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 1 is a powdered goat milk with vitamins and nutrients. It is suitable for babies from the first day as a full replacement for breast milk or for supplementary feeding.

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Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 2

Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 2 for babies after 6 months of age contains organic goat milk from the EU. New laws have only recently allowed goat milk based infant formula to be allowed in the EU.

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Holle Goat Formula Stage 3

For older toddlers, there is also a Stage 3 goat milk from Holle. This is also rich in vitamins and other healthy ingredients and is perfect for children 3 years and older.

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The right Holle Baby Formula for Every Age Group

Depending on their age, babies and toddlers have different nutritional needs. Therefore, there is the perfectly matched Holle Baby Formula for each age group.

Why to choose Holle Infant Formula

Holle Infant Formula is one of the most popular products in Europe for feeding babies and young children. But at the end of the day it’s a matter of taste, especially on the part of the baby. Other European manufacturers such as Hipp or Lebenswert also prepare delicious baby formulas that can definitely compete with the Holle infant formula.

Holle Organic Formula: Natural Ingredients

Holle Organic Formula contains almost only organic ingredients, which are selected according to the strict laws of the EU and according to the even stricter guidelines of Holle itself. Genetic engineering, synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers have no place in it.

Holle Bio Formula: more than the usual

Holle Bio Formula is special. For Holle, it is not enough to simply comply with legal standards. For example, Holle Bio Formula contains only milk from animals raised according to Demeter standards. These standards go far beyond what is required by law and preserve not only the health of your child, but also the environment and the climate.

Holle Pre Formula

Holle Pre formula is specially designed for the very youngest babies. Prepared with excellent Demeter milk, it is delicious and digestible and can be considered an almost full breast milk substitute when breastfeeding is not possible.

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Holle Formula Stage 1

The Holle Stage 1 Formula  contains skimmed milk from Germany as the main ingredient. By using the best dairy products and many years of research, even newborn babies should digest the formula very well.

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Holle Formula Stage 2

Holle Formula Stage 2 also contains similar ingredients to the Stage 1 formula, but is specially formulated to meet babies’ increasing nutritional needs. This makes it perfect for babies from the seventh month of life.

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Follow-on Products for Holle Stage 2 Formula

When the baby slowly becomes a toddler, he needs more and more energy and nutrients to develop healthily. Therefore, Hipp has also developed special formulas for older children. You can feed these when the Stage 2 Holle Formula reaches its limits.

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Holle and Hipp Formula: Which One to Choose?

Many parents interested in a Holle Formula are torn between this product and the very similar Hipp Formula. In regard to your baby, you do not have to worry: both manufacturers meet the highest standards and their products are very similar. Only small things, for example, with regard to the principles followed in livestock farming, distinguish them.

Hipp and Holle Formula: Let Your Baby Decide

Hipp and Holle Formula are basically interchangeable. For example, you can start with a Hipp Formula and take a Holle Formula as a follow-up product. Just don’t mix two formulas in one bottle, because that would not be good. If you are not sure, just order a package of both and let your baby decide which formula tastes better.

Holle Formula Instructions

If you order a Holle formula, the preparation instructions come in German. This is good for Germans, but bad for everyone else. Therefore, we have translated the Preparation Guides into English.

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Holle Formula Reviews

Did the selected Holle formula taste good to your baby? Was the preparation easy? Did the delivery work fast enough? If you have something to tell us, please use the option to write a short review. You can find this possibility under the individual products. Any honest and factual review is welcome.