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All products are certified to EU standards, no Genetic Engineering, only natural sugars, without Soy and certified to organic standards.

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Product Description

HIPP Bio Combiotik Stage 3 Follow-on Milk is very close to nature. It is suitable for babies from the tenth month.

What is so special about HiPP Bio Combiotik Stage 3?

Modeled on nature, this formula contains a unique combination of organic lactic acid cultures originally obtained from breast milk and valuable dietary fiber from organic lactose. It covers the needs of the baby from the tenth month.

Thus, in addition to omega-3 fatty acids – important for the development of brain and nerve cells – it also contains increased levels of iron and vitamins A, C and D – important for the immune system.

HIPP Bio Combiotik Stage 3 – Instructions for use

The follow-on milk provides your child with new energy, satiates age-appropriate and is easily digestible. Suitable for use after Hipp Bio Combiotic 2 organic follow-on milk and any other follow-on formula.


  • Boil up fresh drinking water
  • Pour the water into a clean baby bottle
  • Add the powder
  • Close the bottle and shake vigorously several times.
  • check for drinking temperature (approx. 98,6 °F / 37 °C)


Follow the instructions for use exactly during preparation. Improper preparation or storage over a longer period of time can lead to adverse health effects, e.g. due to the growth of undesirable germs. Therefore, prepare food freshly before each meal and feed immediately.

Do not reuse left over food. Clean bottle, teat and ring well. Close the opened pouch tightly, store in a dry place at room temperature and use up within three weeks. Do not heat the food in microwave (risk of scalding).

HIPP Bio Combiotik Stage 3 Follow-on Milk | Ingredients

This formula contains as the main ingredient skim milk.

It also contains vegetable oils (palm oil, canola oil, sunflower oil), lactose, starch, whey product, galactooligosaccharides from lactose, and fish oil.

Furher ingredients indlude calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, calcium orthophosphates, emulsifier lecithins, sodium selenite, zinc sulfate, sodium citrate, L-tryptophan, magnesium carbonate, vitamin C, ferrous sulfate, L-cystine, potassium iodate, natural lactic acid cultures (Limosilactobacillus fermentum hereditum®), vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper sulfate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, Metafolin® (calcium L-methylfolate), manganese sulfate, vitamin K, vitamin D, and biotin.

Manufacturer: Hipp

Frequently asked questions

Won’t formula feeding make the baby chubby?

Today’s formulas do not make babies fat. In the past, it was assumed that a baby needs more calories after the 4th month. Therefore, the formulas of the time used more starch and sugar. But then experts warned against overfeeding. The calorie content of follow on milks was therefore harmonized with that of the initial milks.

Since 2008, an EU directive has stipulated that follow-on and starter milks must not have a calorie content higher than a maximum of 70 kcal/100ml. This means that the energy content of follow-on milks hardly differs from that of starter milks. It contains more starch and is therefore more creamy.

HiPP follow-on formulas are ideally suited to the needs of children from the age of six months. They contain precisely the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. Follow-on milks also improve a baby’s iron supply.

How do I switch from another formula milk to HIPP Bio Combiotik Stage 3?

If there is still powder left from the previous food, you can slowly switch to the new food. Replace only one bottle on the first day, and then another one every day. Such a changeover is particularly gentle. Please do not mix the powder of two different foods into one bottle.

Does my baby need to finish the bottle?

Baby’s appetite can vary. Every baby has different needs. The drinking quantities indicated on the package are quantities that are drunk on average by babies of the corresponding age.

Babies know very well how much food they need, especially in the first few months. Therefore, they regulate the amount they drink themselves. A residue in the bottle is no cause for concern. It only shows that your baby is already full. Please do not reuse such leftover food.


About HiPP Organic

Hipp Logo

The HiPP brand has been an innovation leader in baby food and in organic, ecological business practices for over 100 years. Founded in Germany in 1899, HiPP today partners with thousands of organic farms in Europe. HiPP goes above and beyond to ensure their formulas are of the highest organic quality, analyzing all ingredients for traces of over 1,000 substances and going far beyond legal requirements for organic. Unlike other formula brands, HiPP only does organic, and their rigorous standards are applied across every single HiPP product on the market.

HiPP also takes sustainability seriously, working closely with environmental and ecological organizations, and running on an environmental management system that minimizes water and energy consumption, and ensures 97% of their factory waste is recycled. Today, HiPP’s factories across Germany, Austria, and Hungary are completely carbon neutral.

With this level of commitment, it’s no surprise that HiPP baby formulas are the most nutritionally complete in the world. HiPP formulas always are based on lactose from organic skim milk, contain added whey to more closely resemble breast milk protein composition, typically include prebiotics and probiotics, and are free of soy or synthetic nutrients.

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